What are they saying about write-for-your-supper workshops?

"Energized my desire to write more often and more seriously."

Christine Butler, Kansas City 

"It was great for character development and giving me a framework to work off of."

Danny Newell, Overland Park

"Very organized and tangible. I like the bite-sized pieces of information."

Amy Moench, Parkville

This one was strong--particularly in the story goal section. Very helpful."

Brian Berlin, Kansas City

"The workshop is very well-constructed and the material is very thorough...beyond my expectations."

Angelica Estrade, Independence

"You make writing sound like fun! And of course a (positive) challenge."

Betsy Witt, North KC

Anthony Clark - Writer, Storyteller, Teacher, Coach

My Writing Philosophy/My Teaching Mission

I believe that if you're meant to write, you must write. You can lay it down for a while. You can even try to quit. But ultimately, if you're a writer, that little voice inside will demand that you pick up the pen and put it to the page. 

If you're like me, it may have taken you a while to actually claim the title "writer." Perhaps you haven't fully claimed it yet. 

My mission is to help writers find their writer's voice, to nurture it and strengthen it, until the words flow with relative ease. The journey to becoming a published author can be long and difficult. There's no reason you have to take that journey--or face all the many challenges of the publishing world--alone. 

Workshops & Presentations I Offer

In addition to writing and performing, I offer workshops and presentations on a variety of topics related to writing, performing, and story craft. For a full description of my programs, go to the pages for WRITING WORKSHOPS, STORYTELLING WORKSHOPS, or SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS. I can also offer customized workshops upon request. 


Anthony Clark has written and published in multiple genres, including sci-fi, horror, western, romance, children’s and nonfiction. His Western novel, The Guerrilla Man (Solstice Publishing), was nominated as Best First Western Novel by the Western Fictioneers. He has sold over 100 stories and 12 books. His most recent work of fiction, Dragon Sight, a middle-grade novel, is available from Goldminds Publishing. His recent nonfiction books, The Everything STEM Handbook and What's Your STEM? (Adams Media), are available at Barnes & Noble stores across the country. Anthony is an AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA (Amherst Writers & Artists) method. He has been performing as a storyteller and musician for the past 17 years.Songs from his Parents’ Choice Award-winning children's music CD have aired on radio stations in over 30 states and in several foreign countries. 


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