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Story Crafting 101: Creating a Blueprint for Your Short Story or Novel

In this session writer and storyteller Anthony Clark will help participants develop a sense of story structure, as well as guide them through the process of developing a structure for a story in progress. Anthony will also discuss other foundational elements that a writer will likely want to have in place before launching into the first draft of a short story or novel. 

Story Crafting 201: Writing the First Draft of Your Short Story or Novel

 In this session writer and storyteller Anthony Clark will demonstrate various approaches to “fleshing out” a story outline or concept. As part of this session he’ll cover point of view, dialogue, character development, description, story pacing, transitions and showing versus telling. The session will allow some time for participants to apply the various principles and techniques discussed.

Creative Brainstorming for Creative Writers: How to Generate and Evaluate Story Ideas

In this session writer and storyteller Anthony Clark will lead participants through a series of exercises designed to help them identify their own rich sources of story material. Using examples, he will help participants learn how to identify which ideas are the most promising for story development. Each participant will ideally leave the session with at least one story concept ready for development.  

A Creative Writing Workshop for Writers Using the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) Method

The Amherst Writers & Artists' philosophy is a simple one: every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to experiment, learn, and develop craft. The AWA method, fully described in founder Pat Schneider's book 

Writing Alone and With Others (Oxford University Press), provides such an environment.

Novel Writing Nuts & Bolts: A Workshop for Writers Participating in NANOWRIMO

In this session write and storyteller Anthony Clark will offer some tips and tricks that will help writers reach their goal completing a novel in one month. Topics include: choosing story concepts, story arcs, story goals, easy-to-use plot types, crafting subplots, building outlines, creating characters, point of view, beginnings and endings.

Showing and Telling: An Advanced Workshop for Writers and Storytellers

Agents and editors frequently advise writers to show and not tell, but every story has "told" parts and "shown" parts. How do you decide which parts to tell in summary form and which to dramatize? Writer and Storyteller Anthony Clark facilitates this 90-minute workshop which focuses on storytelling versus story showing. Learn some tips for dramatizing your story and for deciding which parts to dramatize. Also, learn how story "showing" applies to storytellers. Designed for experienced writers and storytellers but beginners are also welcome.

Alternative Paths to Selling Your Creative Work

Writer, teacher, and storyteller Anthony Clark discusses markets and methods for selling your creative work that you may not have previously considered. In his talk he'll highlight work-for-hire, educational markets, live performance, and other forms of freelancing available to writers. 
Anthony sold his first novel to a small press in 2011 and since that time has sold over a hundred written works in a variety of genres, including over a dozen books. His latest book, What's Your STEM, was published earlier this year by Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Beginning Creative Writing

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Advanced Creative Writing

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Creative Writing for Kids

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How to Write a Horror Story

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Writing a Nonfiction Book Proposal

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